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Ready to bake products for Pastry Chefs Products baked in instore bakeries – without packaging (bulk) Range of products for bakery chains, wholesalers, retail (in store bakery)

Raw Flans

A range of raw flans declined according to sizes, flavors and above all the same traditional know-how.Our pastry chefs select the best ingredients (fresh whole pasteurized eggs, butter, whole milk, cream, etc.) to make the famous French flan, made on our site in the heart of the beautiful region of Normandy. A thick, gourmet and creamy filling and a shortcrust pastry, pure butter, traditional to the recipe. Round or in tape format, our raw flans are available into multiple sizes and flavors.

Tart Shells

Intended for pastry professionals, the tart shells are available in different sizes and shapes. They are available in raw or already baked doughs : sweet dough, pie crust or short crust. Our tart shells can also be pre-filled.

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