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Compagnie des Pâtissiers is commited in an ambitious CSR initiative guided by an action plan defined after a diagnosis of the company’s uses and employees’ expectations. To adopt even more sustainable, more ethical and more humane habits at the service of the environment, societal issues and quality of life at work of our employees, our CSR policy is structured around seven areas. The goal is to reach the standards to obtain the label « Entrepreneurs engagés ».

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Environmentally-friendly uses

Compagnie des Pâtissiers is already working to reduce the impact of its industrial activity on the environment. It has a wastewater treatment plant, taking care to selectively sort cardboard and plastic and also to recover scrap manufacturing (for various pastries) in order to limit waste.


We will go further with the development of alternative packaging in order to further reduce their quantity, while also promoting eco-mobility (carpooling, terminals for electric cars …). We will also be even more selective in sorting each material entering the industrial process: wood and metal, and not just plastic and cardboard. Compagnie des Pâtisssiers will also equip itself with more energy efficient equipment, opt for photovoltaic energy and revegetate its sites to better preserve the environment.

« Great place to work » :
les collaborateurs au coeur de l'entreprise

Because a successful CSR policy must involve all collaborators, they are all fully involved in the reflections and actions leading to obtaining the label « Engaged entrepreneurs ». Wellbeing and good working conditions are at the heart of the Compagnie des Pâtissiers CSR initiative to create a more pleasant and attractive company. In 2018, the role of Happiness Officer was created, tasked with gathering the needs of collaborators, helping to improve social dialog and developing actions to strengthen cohesion and quality of life at work. Compagnie des Pâtissiers aims for long-term certification « Great place to work ».

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