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Whole or precut pastries – with or without packaging Range of product for wholesalers, bakery chains, catering, restaurant chains, coffee shops and retail

Baked Flans

For even greater ease and as much indulgence as ever, our pastry chefs have concocted a range of cooked flans, with the same traditional know-how as for the raw range. Our pastry chefs select the best ingredients (fresh whole pasteurized eggs, butter, whole milk, cream, etc.) to make the famous French flan, made on our site in the heart of the beautiful region of Normandy. A thick, gourmet and creamy filling and a shortcrust pastry, pure butter, traditional to the recipe.

Fondants au chocolat

Compagnie des Pâtissiers offers a very gourmet range of the great classic of French pastry: the famous fondant chocolate cake. With us, it is made with eggs, butter, chocolate, sugar, flour, cream and... that's it!


This range is made up of ready-to-sell products. Classics of French pastry in a format to share. Baked, filled, frozen and packaged, tarts / pies come in different formats and flavors (fruit, ganache, meringue).

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