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Traditional methods
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First, they were “Patisca”, founded in 1995 and bought in 2008 by MS Production. Then renamed to “Compagnie Pâtissière” in 2014 before the turn of 2018 and the choice of a new name: “Compagnie des Pâtissiers.” The history of the Provencal company based in Fuveau near Aix-en-Provence is first and foremost a story of passionate people who have worked from the beginning to offer high quality frozen pastry products in a family-spirit SME. And that’s no minor detail! This spirit gives the company a unique DNA as a supplier of frozen pastry that creates according to the gestures of artisanal pastry chefs while producing on a large scale.

Two specialist production sites

Compagnie des Pâtissiers is a key player in the production of frozen pastry for professionals and consumers, which never stops growing. In addition to its Provencal site, the company acquired a second production site in Normandy and doubled its workforce in 2018.

Now counting 120 employees

Each site focuses on a specialty. In Provence, the teams produce specialist tarts (raw and cooked). Raw and baked flans and soft cakes are created in Normandy.
Nearly 8,000 tons of frozen bakery products are produced at these two sites each year.

Recognized expertise in frozen pastry

The growth of Compagnie des Pâtissiers owes nothing to chance. By placing professional pastry chefs at the heart of the manufacturing process, the company guarantees a high level of expertise in the development of their frozen pastry ranges. Refocusing the activity on the production of tarts in 2011, before expanding the range again in 2018, has clearly helped to strengthen our know-how in this area while maintaining our objective: to reproduce the traditional gesture of pastry chefs on a larger scale and make our products available for all.

Commercial excellence guaranteed

A company in motion

To carry out its mission supplying high quality frozen pastry, in 2009 Compagnie des Pâtissiers set up their R&D and Innovation department with a dozen professionals, engineers and pastry chefs working hand-in-hand to improve recipes, refine the processes and discover new products in-line with the expectations of the market and their customers. The company recognizes the importance of modernizing the production tools and is constantly investing on tailor-made tools to meet the specific quality requirements of « Compagnie des pâtissiers ». .

As a result: 15% of new products each year!

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