Stick Cacao Tartlet
Chocolate melting, mascarpone & chocolate mousses, with raspberries

Ingredients / 8 people

12 raw cocoa base sticks

Chocolate melting ganache :
50g wheat flour
100g butter
120g sugar
150g eggs
24g cocoa paste
100g dark chocolate
2g yeast

Mascarpone whipped cream :
250g UHT cream
75g of mascarpone
25g brown sugar

Chocolate mousse :
250g UHT cream
125g dark chocolate 70%
Fresh raspberries
chocolate decoration

Step 1:
Bake the tartlet sticks at 175°C for 14 minutes

Step 2:

Making the chocolate melting heart ganache

Melt the butter, pour over the chocolate and cocoa paste. The mixture should be smooth and kept at 30°C. Mix all the powders together (sugar, flour, baking powder) and relax with the tempered eggs. The mixture should be smooth and the sugar dissolved. Stir the first mixture into the second. Pour the resulting mixture into the stick before it cools and thickens. Add 4 raspberries, halved or whole, and spread over the chocolate centre. Bake for 8-9 minutes at 200°C, leave to cool.

Step 3:

Making the Chantilly Mascarpone cream

Whip the 3 ingredients in a mixer to a soft whipped cream

Step 4:

Making the chocolate mousse express

Whip the cream with a fairly soft whisk, melt the chocolate at 55°C and incorporate 1/3 of the whipped cream into the chocolate, whip vigorously to create an emulsion, incorporate the rest of the whipped cream in two stages using a spatula.

Step 5:

Using a piping bag of your choice, alternate balls of mascarpone whipped cream and chocolate mousse, decorate with fresh raspberries and chocolate decorations.

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