Winter Crown Tart
Mandarin Chocolate

Ingredients / 6 people

1 pie crust Crown sweet pastry D230
- Soft orange ganache :
Cream 300 g, Dark chocolate 150 g, Milk chocolate 150 g, Glucose 40 g, Trimoline or invert sugar 20 g, Grand Marnier4 g, Candied orange 30 g
- Creamy vanilla insert with orange zest :
Cream 230 g, Egg yolks 55 g, Sugar 35 g, Gelatine leaves 4 g, Vanilla pod 1/2, 1 orange peel (5g)
- Dark chocolate mousse :
Dark chocolate 64% 250 g, butter 100 g, egg yolks 40 g, egg white 250 g, sugar 150 g
- Mirror chocolate glaze :
Brown icing paste 300 g, Grape seed oil 200 g, Dark chocolate 100 g
- Decoration :
1 Mandarin orange, Pieces of crumble, Orange zest, Bubble sugar

A recipe by Chef Nicolas Beaumont

Crown tart base: Pre-bake the tart base for 15 to 20 minutes at 150°C.

Soft orange ganache: Heat the cream, trimoline and glucose. Pour over the chocolates. Mix then add the finely chopped oranges, then the Grand Marnier.

Vanilla creamy insert with orange zest: Zest the orange and the vanilla pod on the cream and infuse. Blanch the yolks with the sugar. Mix the two together, then cook to 85°C. Remove from the heat and stir in the rehydrated gelatine. Set in a silicone mould in the negative cold.

Dark chocolate mousse: Melt the dark chocolate, then add the softened butter and the yolks. Mix with the stiffly beaten egg whites and sugar.

Mirror chocolate glaze: Melt together. Use the glaze at 30°C.



Trim the bottom of the crown tart to obtain a smooth and clean appearance.

2: Fill the baked pie crust with the orange ganache and chill.

3: Turn out the vanilla cream insert after freezing.

4: Half fill the dark chocolate mousse into the silicone mould.

5: Place the insert in the silicone mould and finish filling the mould with the chocolate mousse.

6: When the mousse has set in the fridge, remove from the mould and place on the tart.

7: When the mousse has set in the negative cold, place the icing on the mousse and vanilla cream mixture.

8: Decorate with a tangerine cut into 8 segments, pieces of chocolate crumble, pieces of tangerine crumble, orange zest and bubble sugar.

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