Professional range

The Flans

Round or in tape format, our flans are available into multiple sizes and flavors, raw or baked.

The Tarts

Made to be very easily ready for use, all our tarts available in several sizes and flavors (fruits, ganaches, meringues) are already baked, garnished, pre-cut, frozen and then packaged.

The Tart shells

Intended for professionals, the tart shells are available in different sizes and shapes. They are available in raw or already baked doughs : sweet dough, pie crust or short crust. Our tart shells can also be pre-filled.

The Tartlets

Just like the range of tarts, that of tartlets are composed of products ready to be sold. Baked, filled, frozen and packaged, tartlets come in different formats and flavors (fruits, ganaches, meringues...).

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