Homemade Vanilla Flan "Saveurs de l’année Chefs 2019" Award

Tasted & approved by a panel of chefs in december 2018 - this product won the award "Saveurs de l'année / Chefs Restauration 2019" ! Our pastry chefs based in the heart of Normandy, have worked during months to create this very "home made" flan, made specially for restaurants / catering. Indeed, flan is a "must have" french dessert and they wanted to create a creamy recipe, like the one created by our grand mothers during childhood... Thus, our "homemade" flan had been created with very premium ingredients, including french flours, fresh whole milk, french eggs ... and of course colouring and artificial aroma free. Our recipe is rich in milk and eggs, which gives to the product a very specific soft and creamy texture. Our pastry chefs are particularly proud of this recipe ! Product sold on aluminium mold, ready to bake. Without defrosting, bake the flan in its mold. In a forced air oven : 1h at 175°C, classical oven : 1h30 at 195°C. Cooling : 2h30 at room temperature, and then unmould the product and place it 3h in a fridge (+4°C). Tasted & approved by a panel of chefs in december 2018 - Quotations from the chefs : « Visually beautiful, stable texture. » « Delicious product, eady to cut. A good vanilla taste. Easy to bake, to keep and to serve » « Easy to use, soft texture, crunchy dough, the vanilla tastes good. » « Premium product, like the ingredients used. Baking is easy to organise. The dough stays crunchy, creamy texture, strong and nice vanilla taste, the yellow colour prroves that premium eggs had been used. Excellent taste, homemade and beautiful look»


Our sales team is at your disposal to cater for any special dietary requests, changes to the recipe or sizing of a product, or the removal of taste or fragrance.

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pur beurre
farine française
fabrication française
without conservative agent
without palm oil
no artificial flavor
Without colouring
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