The Crown tart shell

A neat and original design for very trendy pies: BECAUSE PATISSERIE IS EATEN WITH THE EYES FIRST! Compagnie des Pâtissiers is revolutionising pies with the launch of a crown-shaped frozen pastry base. THE TASTE OF BEAUTY: Two perfect circles that invite the precise layout of a beautiful filling... The crown tart first seduces the eye. Its elegant lightness and its curvature make it a gourmet modernity. A very trendy design, for a pastry that asserts its difference. AN INSPIRING SHAPE: Since time immemorial, wreaths have been made of leaves, flowers and fruit to mark the seasons... A thousand-year-old shape that expresses harmony, luck and success! An incredible source of inspiration for future creations. A VERY SPECIFIC KNOW-HOW: It is not so easy to make a hole in the middle of a pie! And especially to form regular edges in the middle of the crown. It took a lot of time and all the experience of the Compagnie des Pâtissiers pastry chefs to achieve this technical mastery. The process has even been patented... Ready-to-bake product, sold in aluminium moulds, for trendy and original tarts No defrosting necessary before baking. Possibility to garnish with your choice of filling before or after baking. Baking for 15 / 20 min at 150° C / 175° C patented model ©Compagniedespatissiers WINNER of the competition LES PÉPITES DE LA BOULANGERIE by Honoré le Mag 2022 in the category bases to garnish 🙌.


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